The Alliance Smarter Networks℠

Our network of providers (Smarter Networks) makes it easy for employers to design a benefit plan that works for them. In fact, our Smarter Networks cover over 90% of Wisconsin and continue to expand deeper into the surrounding states. This means The Alliance has negotiated contracts with major hospitals, health systems, and physician groups to join our Smarter Networks and give our members and their employees wide-ranging access to High-Value Health Care throughout the Midwest.

The Alliance Premier Network is a customizable multi-level benefit plan for employers. This new offering allows organizations to incentivize patients to choose high-value providers without limiting their choice. What’s more, all the Premier Network provider options are part of our Smarter Networks, which now cover 90% of Wisconsin, and continue to expand even further. The Alliance Premier Network has the potential to save employers 10% on their health costs.


Our Smarter Networks Portfolio of Providers:

Smarter Networks by The Alliance 


The Comprehensive
Network by The Alliance

The Alliance network is ever-expanding as we continue to add new providers throughout the Midwest to meet our member’s needs.


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The Alliance and
Trilogy Health Networks

For employers who want even more provider options, The Alliance offers a seamless network to access both The Alliance and Trilogy Health Networks.


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The Alliance Premier Network

Want to incentivize your employees to use low-cost, high-value providers while still offering them the flexibility to choose within a broad network of providers? Our Premier Network offers customized provider levels – all of which are within our Smarter NetworksSM.


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In-Network Hospital Map

You’ll save when you choose doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers who are part of The Alliance network.

How to read this map

google location pin - greenThe green marker indicates the newest hospital added to our network.

google location pin - redRed markers indicate other in-network hospitals.

Google maps layer iconThe menu button allows you to show or hide layers.

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