On Tuesday, July 15, Cheryl DeMars testified in front of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee hearing titled “Chronic Illness: Addressing Patients’ Unmet Needs.”

This was a very exciting opportunity for The Alliance. DeMars was able to deliver the employer perspective as well as describe The Alliance’s QualityPath initiative currently under development and set to launch in January 2015. QualityPath aims to transform the health care marketplace by designating physician-and-hospital pairings as high quality for selected high-stakes procedures.

DeMars urged the government to provide:

  • Support for private sector initiatives, such as QualityPath, by participating as an employer and health care purchaser.
  • Greater access to Medicare data on cost and quality of care.
  • Clear guidance with respect to regulations affecting health plans, with flexibility for plan sponsors to innovate.

Read DeMars’ official written testimony here.

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