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Chris Clark

Profile Learning & Development Manager, Profile by Sanford  

 After spending 15 years teaching mostly physical education with some Social Science and coaching girls’ basketball, Chris Clark joined Profile by Sanford to build the Coach Certification and Continuing Education program. Chris has worked at Profile for over five years supporting coaches’ understanding of how to deliver the Profile program to its members. Over that time, he has observed that reality is often misunderstood when it comes to one’s health. Much is written or recorded on what people are “supposed to” do to achieve health and wellness. Anytime “supposed to” replaces “what I really want to do”, behavior change is compromised. The Real/Not Real series is an attempt to explore that concept.

Profile by Sanford is a weight loss plan that is focused on nutrition, activity and lifestyle coaching as it relates to your individual profile. It is backed by Sanford Health, an international integrated health care system that provides care to hundreds of communities across multiple continents. Profile was developed by some of Sanford’s top scientist, researchers and physicians. Learn more about Profile by Sanford here.