I used the site and it was helpful in comparing costs of different pediatric procedures. As a single mother who tries to save money whenever possible, it was extremely helpful to use this quick and easy cost comparison. –Amber B.

Consumers of The Alliance’s Find a Doctor website have sent us excellent feedback through our Tell Us Your Story campaign. We appreciate every story submitted. Learning more about the website experience of our consumers will guide our future site revisions and upgrades.

Your employees (and their families) who access health care through The Alliance are eligible to enter the Find a Doctor contest. Alliance enrollees will be automatically entered into in the Find a Doctor contest when they create an account or log in to their existing account. Contest runs through Dec. 31, 2016.

One lucky enrollee will win a $250 VISA® gift card. Five lucky enrollees will each win a $50 VISA® gift card. See the contest rules for details. Promote the Find a Doctor contest with posters and other contest promotional materials in the Find a Doctor toolkit.

Consumers Love Find a Doctor’s “Procedure Cost” Search Function

I liked that the best price tier was checked and highlighted. Another thing I liked was that if a facility had extra charges, there was a note in red on those … no hidden costs are always a good thing! – Sarah P.

Cost transparency is an important part of our Find a Doctor site and we’re glad that consumers are using it! Registered Find a Doctor consumers can view the cost of over 50 surgeries, tests and office visits at in-network facilities. Cost estimates are based on real claims data from Alliance consumers.

The procedure cost search is easy and straightforward to use. I like how the procedures are listed in a drop-down menu. Just scroll and click. – Brad K.
Found the cost comparisons for a procedure helpful for future surgeries. – Phil L.

Both employers and consumers win, when consumers understand that the same procedure may cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, differently between neighboring medical facilities.

Facility Quality Ratings Add Insight to Health Care Decision Making

The quality of rating section. I like how it has the websites with the facility, a phone number and a map that is linked to gain information from that particular facility. – Tiffini S.

Leapfrog’s Hospital Safety Scores and quality ratings for primary care and birthing care, give consumers added insight into shared medical decision making. Pairing cost and quality information gives your employees the knowledge they need to become a better health care consumer.

Your Source to Find In-Network Health Care Choices

I wanted to find an in-network doctor with an office nearby where I work. Find a Doctor helped me compare services offered at different clinic locations and I found a doctor that was right for me. – Elise J.

Find a Doctor is the place to go whether you are searching for a primary care provider close to home or a specialist to discuss a specific health concern. All searches show in-network providers.

The Find a Doctor website is fantastic. Before I knew about Find a Doctor, I was searching for a doctor in my area to look at my knees. I asked friends who were in the medical field for a recommendation. Next time, I’ll use Find a Doctor instead. – Jeni F.

Help Us Assist Your Employees to Become Better Health Care Consumers

The Alliance provides a variety of options to assist your employees to become better health care consumers. Contact Paul Roelke, member services advisor, at proelke@the-alliance.org or 800.223.4139 to schedule a 20-minute Find a Doctor or Better Health Care Consumer employee presentation. Additional Find a Doctor promotional materials can be found in the Find a Doctor Employer Toolkit.