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Considering The Cost of Health Care

Talking to your doctor about the cost of health care can feel like a touchy subject. But it shouldn’t be. Start a conversation with your doctor. Ask questions.

Health care costs can vary wildly. The cost of a procedure at a medical facility may be much higher (or lower) than the medical facility down the street.

How can you know before you make an appointment?

Alliance enrollees can compare cost and quality information on in-network choices with Find a Doctor. Just go to and click on the Find a Doctor button.

Register for an account and you can log in to compare cost information on more than 50 tests, surgeries and office visits at in-network locations.

Is the procedure you are searching for not yet listed in the cost search drop-down menu?

Give us a call at 800.223.4139 or send an email to and request a cost estimate. Our Customer Service department will generate cost estimates for you of the procedure at in-network locations of your choice.