The Midwest Business Group on Health, a non-profit, Chicago-based business coalition, has posted information and resources for employers regarding pregnancy in the worksite. The employer toolkit titled Take Control of Your Pregnancy is full of useful information that can help pregnant women in your workplace make informed decisions and partner with their health care provider.

Pregnant woman

Cost for Employers

It was stated that maternity care is the number one reason for hospitalization for employees. Without proper education, early elective deliveries can be the highest cost for employers as well. In fact, $1 billion could be saved annually if hospitals reduced their rate of early elective deliveries.

Tools Employers Can Use

There are many resources for individuals to use to guide their choices about pregnancy and delivery but not as many for employers. The following materials are offered to employers by the National Business Group on Health (NBGH):

Employer Case Study

Many employers are stepping up and taking an active role in improving maternity care in the workplace. One employer in particular, Cerner, has partnered with two health systems to support maternity initiatives in their workforce of parents and growing families.

Together Cerner and their partners will:

  • Improve health outcomes for mothers and babies
  • Create a new health economy around these services
  • Partner to deliver a maternity health coaching program (pre-conception to return-to-work)
  • Promote technology platforms that reduce errors and create efficiency

Read the full case study here.

The Alliance wants to be your source for keeping your pregnant employees healthy. Teri Van Tassel, VP of marketing and member services currently serves on the MBGH committee in which she is helping us gather as much useful information as possible on our site under Pregnancy Resources so that your employee can have a great pregnancy.

For questions, please contact Teri Van Tassel at 608.210.6633.