How do you lower the price of health care?  The Alliance is here to provide answers.  Employers who self-fund their health benefits are continually innovating to find ways to do just that. To help you understand your options, we created an infographic that shares some of the effective tactics adopted by employers.

As the infographic shows, it turns out you can change the price of health care. Read the infographic for eight ideas on how to get started.


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Kyle Monroe

Kyle Monroe

Vice President, Network Development & Provider Relations at The Alliance
Kyle Monroe joined The Alliance in 2017 as vice president of network development and provider relations. His responsibilities include creating and maintaining relationships with health systems, clinicians and other providers to support The Alliance’s strategic goals of improving health care value and organizational growth. He also designs and adopts purchasing and reimbursement mechanisms to accelerate progress toward high value, safe care delivery.

Before moving to Madison, Kyle served on the Board of Directors for the Healthcare Financial Management Association-Kentucky Chapter. He also was on the advisory board for ValidCare, a company dedicated to developing and implementing mobile technology for patients and caregivers.

Kyle received his Masters of Business Administration in accounting and finance from the University Of Louisville College Of Business and his Bachelor of Arts degree from DePauw University in Greencastle, Ind.

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Kyle Monroe

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