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I’m the lucky gal (truly!) who has the job of planning learning forums for our member employers to help them enhance health benefits in their workplace.

A lot of feedback from attendees at past events is considered when selecting topics, speakers, locations and dates. I am excited to announce that we have more than six events planned for the next 11 months.

Why Should You Attend The Alliance Learning Circle Events?

Perhaps, I should be asking why on earth you wouldn’t attend an Alliance event? But why try to “tell” you when I can show you. View our brand – new event promotional video highlighting the benefits and features of an Alliance Learning Circle.

Event Enhancements and Changes

We are also incorporating a couple of changes to enhance the event experience for all attendees.

  • Cancellation Fee
    A cancellation fee of $25 will be put in place for individuals who sign up to attend but fail to show up to the event. The Alliance still incurs the costs for speakers, food, venue, materials and staffing. If you register but can no longer attend the program we are asking that you provide a notice within four business days in advance so that we can prepare accordingly.
  • Webinar & Video Simulcast
    We are proud to say we now offer video and audio within our webinars for guests to view from their desks or at one of our viewing party locations. You will now be able to view and hear the speaker while also seeing their PowerPoint slides. This was one of our most requested items from attendees in the past and we are so excited to offer this to everyone.
  • Additional Locations
    While the majority of our guests attend our events in Madison, Wis. we realize that our growing network can make that a long drive for some members. We offer four options that accommodate all of our member’s schedules and locations.

    • Attend in Person in Madison, Wis. at the Monona Terrace
    • Attend a viewing party in Rockford, Ill. at Northern Illinois University
    • Attend a viewing party in La Crosse, Wis. at UW- La Crosse
    • Attend via webinar at your desk
  • Q&A Texting
    Asking questions during an event is hard, especially if people are asked to go to a microphone. For this reason we will offer multiple ways for attendees to ask questions. One of the newest options is texting your question to a staff member who will then relay the question to the speaker.
    Other options include going to the microphone yourself or writing your question on a piece of paper and holding it up for a staff member to hand to the speaker.
  • Healthier Food Options
    Since The Alliance’s mission is to move health care forward by engaging individuals in their health, we are revamping the breakfast menu at our events.
    Look forward to more protein and heart healthy options such as eggs and/or oatmeal. But don’t worry we will still offer delicious granola bars and items to satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way.
  • Post Event Recordings
    And last but not least if, you are unable to attend our events or have to leave early we will provide you with a post-event recording and summary. All of the materials will be located on our website at We just ask that you fill out a form before downloading the items.

Save the Dates for Upcoming Events

We know calendars fill up fast which is why we encourage you to block your calendars now for all of our upcoming events. We applaud and appreciate all member organizations who make an effort to attend at least one or two events a year.

  • August 16 – All About the Affordable Care Act with John Barlament
    Control your anxiety about the affordable care act by attending this event with John Barlament as our keynote speaker. You will receive an update on the EEOC final regulations, new nondiscrimination rules, HRA changes, excise tax, mental health parity and reporting rules.
  • October 25 – The Alliance Annual Meeting – Health Care Consumerism Challenges
    Representatives from Consumer Reports will start the event off with an overview of their research findings of cost and quality information to consumers.
  • December 13 – Employer Benefits Roundtable
    Attend this event to discuss best practices around your employer’s benefit plan. Complimentary copies of our annual summary of benefit design coverage will be handed out as well as national and regional data.
  • January 24 – Changing your Wellness Plan to a Well-Being Strategy
    The term wellness is now being replaced with “well-being” as employers are focusing their strategies around the overall well-being of their employees. Learn about different techniques being applied in the marketplace.
  • March 14 – Health Policy Day on the Hill
    Join The Alliance at the Monona Terrace for a morning of legislative topics relating to employer health plans including the evolving discussion around Opiate Abuse within your workforce. Then head to the Capitol for an afternoon of meetings with your local legislators.
  • May 16 – The Alliance Annual Seminar
    This event will feature an exciting speaker on an engaging topic. Look for our announcement in the months ahead.

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Tierney Anderson

Tierney Anderson

Senior Marketing & Events Specialist at The Alliance
Tierney Anderson joined The Alliance in 2009 and currently serves as the cooperative's marketing & events specialist. She previously served as marketing and member services coordinator. Her responsibilities include the development of effective communications and marketing materials for Alliance members and business partners by executing marketing plans and promoting products, services and events.

In addition to her work at The Alliance, Tierney is an active member on The Business Forum, previously serving on the board and acting as senior chair for the ATHENA committee. Tierney also participates in the Advertising Federation of Madison and the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network of Madison.

Tierney earned her bachelor's degree of business administration from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh with an emphasis in information systems and a certification on the Project Management Body of Knowledge.

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Tierney Anderson