Consumer Reports Best Buy DrugsBest Buy Drugs is an initiative created by Consumer Reports to provide consumers and their doctors with information to help guide prescription drug choices, based on effectiveness, a drug’s track record, safety and price.

The project aims to improve access to needed medicines for tens of millions of Americans–because they lack insurance coverage for prescription drugs, due to the prices of many medicines being so high, and because many consumers and physicians may not be aware of proven and affordable alternatives.

Best Buy Drug reports provide information that will help patients open a conversation with their doctors about prescription medicines–and particularly about which medicines will best meet their medical needs and give them the most value for their health care dollar.

The findings presented in each report combine an expert medical review of the scientific evidence on prescription drugs with their prices. The analysis compares and contrasts prescription drugs by category – that is, drugs in the same class that are used to treat a specific condition or illness such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heartburn or depression.

If you are looking to educate your employees on prescription drugs, costs and effectiveness, we encourage you to promote this program at your workplace. We will continue to publish and post information on Best Buy Drugs within The Alliance’s consumer website and on our blog. We also offer a free supply of Best Buy Drugs brochures, email to request copies to be sent to your workplace.

To learn more about the Consumer Reports Best Buy Drug program visit their website or read an overview here: