Compare. Contrast. Be Confident. Take Charge.

Prices for health care can vary widely even for the same services. Consumers often want to know how much they are likely to spend when scheduling an office visit or procedure, but it can be hard to get that information.

The Alliance is meeting this demand for cost and quality information by offering Find a Doctor as a transparency tool for members and their employees. Find a Doctor provides health care costs for more than 70 procedures.

Although anyone can visit the Find a Doctor site, only employees and family members who get access to care through The Alliance network can log in to get cost information.

Since The Alliance has access to claims data, we are able to calculate the average prices for the most common procedures. Individuals can:

  • View average costs for common procedures
  • Compare costs
  • Learn whether a facility fee is charged

When a cost isn’t listed on the Find a Doctor site, employees and family members are welcome to contact our customer service department at 800.223.4139 to request a cost estimation or comparison.


Log In To Receive Cost Information

We now have more than 1,000 registered users after just seven months of the website’s launch. Cost information is restricted to logged-in users who are covered by The Alliance network. You must agree to our terms of service and confidentiality agreement to view this information.

Logging in is easy. If you don’t have login credentials already, you can simply create an account using your information as shown on your medical ID card.

To learn more about our transparency tool, visit Find a Doctor.

If you would like to request a presentation on the Find a Doctor site for your employees, contact Paul Roelke, member services advisor, 800.223.4139 x6647.