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Kwik Trip, a member of The Alliance since 2005, has received a Partnership for a Healthier America award for providing health food options in their convenience stores.

Partnership for Healthier America

The Partnership for Healthier America (PHA) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization led by some of the nation’s most respected health and childhood obesity advocates, including honorary chair First Lady Michelle Obama. Their mission is to work with the private sector to ensure the health of our nation’s youth by solving the childhood obesity crisis.

Kwik Trip’s Approach

The La Crosse Tribune reported that Kwik Trip is the first convenience store chain in the country to include healthy options on their shelves.  PHA CEO Lawrence Soler said that “Kwik Trip is a tremendous partner” in the organization’s quest “to make healthier choices.”

Kwik Trips initial commitment to PHA started in 2014 and included:

  • Introducing at least four categories of fresh fruits and four groups of fresh vegetables in its stores.
  • Expanding whole-grain-rich options to at least six products.
  • Implementing its Healthy Concessions Programs in area schools.

Kwik Trip sells an average of 400 pounds of bananas each day between its 535 Kwik Trip stores and increased produce sales by 5.5 percent last year, according to company figures.

We applaud Kwik Trip’s initiative in making America a healthier place. Read the full article in the La Crosse Tribune here.