How many of your business partners give back their profits?

If you said “none,” I’ve got a surprise for you. The Alliance is a cooperative business and this year we are giving back $884,571 of our net income – our version of profits – to members in the form of cash payments. Each year, our board reviews the financial performance of the cooperative during the previous fiscal year and considers the needs of the organization going forward. As part of this process, the board decides how much of our net income is returned to members as a “patronage” payment.

Patronage payments are handled in two ways:

  • A cash payment. That’s how we’re distributing 75 percent of patronage this year.
  • Allocated equity, which is held in your company’s name and contributes to your equity stake in The Alliance. This money is used as cash reserves and operating capital.

Patronage checks are now being delivered either by mail or in person by a member of our team. As you receive your check, I hope you’ll consider two more questions.

Do you know other businesses that could benefit from joining The Alliance?Growing the cooperative unites more employers in pursuit of our mission of better value care and lowers the cost of membership for everyone.

As you talk with your professional colleagues and friends, we hope you’ll consider sharing your “Alliance experience” with them when the conversation turns to health care or health benefits. Share why you are a member and how your company has benefitted.

Please direct interested prospective members to our Business Development Team:

Are you — or another leader of your company — willing to help lead The Alliance?Our strength rests in our local employer ownership, where customers are also shareholders and leaders of the cooperative.

You may have seen our recent call for nominees for The Alliance Board. I hope you will consider this opportunity to contribute to the strategic direction of our organization. If you’re interested, fill out our nomination form or contact me no later than Sept. 7 at 608.210.6621,

As a cooperative, we know that it’s not just what we earn that counts. What you give back matters too.

Here at The Alliance, we use “patronage season” to remind us of the importance of giving back to members. We hope you’ll consider returning the favor by spreading the word and considering board leadership.

Cheryl DeMars

Cheryl DeMars

President & CEO at The Alliance
Cheryl DeMars joined The Alliance in 1992, assuming several roles before becoming CEO in December 2006. Cheryl works with the Board of Directors and senior leadership team to establish the strategic direction of the cooperative.

Cheryl participates in a number of national and regional initiatives that align with The Alliance’s mission of controlling costs, improving quality and engaging individuals in their health. She serves on the Advisory Board of the Wisconsin Population Health Institute and the board of the Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality.

Prior to joining The Alliance, Cheryl was a program manager at Meriter Hospital in Madison. She earned a master’s degree in social work from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Cheryl DeMars