QualityPath’s first year of operations offers insights into what works well – and what can be done to capture an additional $2.6 million of employer savings.

With the program consisting of more than 30 employers representing 20,000 lives, QualityPath introduced many concepts that are new to employer-sponsored health care:

  • A fixed, bundled price
  • A 90-day warranty that covers the cost of complications related to the procedure
  • Quality designation that requires specific doctors to qualify to deliver care when working with specific hospitals.
  • Shared decision-making that requires participating doctors and hospitals to educate employees and family members about the pros and cons of surgery – not just for QualityPath, but for all patients.

We have narrowed it down to six insights from the first year of QualityPath to share with employers participating in the program and for employers interested in learning more about the program.

View the 6 Insights from the First Year of QualityPath here.

Six Insights from the First Year of QualityPath

Want to know how much QualityPath may save you as an employer? We can produce a QualityPath report that will include:

  • Number of total hip replacements performed since 2012
  • Number of knee replacements performed since 2012
  • Average procedure cost
  • If you are participating in QualityPath, the number of total hip replacements and knee replacements done through QualityPath and your estimated savings.
  • Any non-QualityPath doctors and hospitals who performed these procedures
  • Distance between these providers and the nearest QualityPath hospital.

To learn more about QualityPath visit www.qualitypath.com or contact Mike Roche, member services manager, 800.223.4139 x6645.