Employers are lining up to explain why they joined the QualityPath program.

Three new videos let you hear from employers, a patient, a representative from Wellbe as well as our patient experience manager on the impact QualityPath.

View one or all three of the videos to gain an understanding on why you should elect to participate in the QualityPath program.

  1. QualityPath Employer Testimonials: Three employers share snippets of the QualityPath program and why it works to have the program in place at their workplaces.
  2. QualityPath Makes an Impact with Miniature Precision Components: Learn how Miniature Precision Components is leading the pack by having the most employees participate in the QualityPath program.
  3. QualityPath 360: Get a 360 degree look at the QualityPath program by hearing from a The Alliance patient experience manager, an employer, a patient and our Wellbe software representative. It is an all-encompassing view of how the program works.

As a reminder, all employers can participate in the QualityPath program but you have to proactively sign up by contacting our Member Services Manager, Mike Roche. To learn more contact Mike Roche, at 800.223.4139 x6645 or visit www.qualitypath.com.