Jessie GrumanThis month, we are reading articles posted by former Alliance Learning Circle speaker, Jessie Gruman.

Dr. Jessie Gruman is the founder and president of the Center for Advancing Health, an independent, nonpartisan policy institute based in Washington. The Center’s goal is to ensure that every person is a prepared patient.

Gruman is a five-time cancer survivor. Her personal experience and academic and professional background have helped her develop an understanding of how people respond to serious illnesses. She has written books, articles and blog posts and is frequently interviewed by national publications.

Gruman has compiled 12 of her most popular essays into a document entitled Slow Leaks – Missed Opportunities to Encourage Our Engagement in Our Health Care. This collection of essays is focused on real life stories about patient engagement. “Slow Leaks” essays include:

  • The Rocky Adolescence of Public Reporting on Health Care Quality
  • What Must We Know About What Our Doctors Know? – Semper Paratus: Our Decisions about Emergency Care
  • Dicker with Your Doc? Not So Fast
  • Are Patient Navigators Necessary or Just Nice?
  • Are We All Ready for Do-It-Yourself Health Care?
  • Why Can I Get Health Care Only from 9-5, M-F?
  • I’m Not Taking That Drug If It Makes Me Itch! More on Medication Adherence
  • Don’t Miss The Chance to Engage Us When Introducing Patient-Centered Innovations
  • Will We “Just Say No” to Screening Tests?
  • Check-in-the-Box Medicine: The Blunt Instrument of Policy and Patient Engagement
  • Patient-Centered Care: From Exam Room to Dinner Table

As a special offer to our members, Gruman has agreed to share her essays.

Learn more about Dr. Jessie Gruman or the Center for Advancing Health here.