The future of employee benefits can be summed up in one word: wellness.

Groups looking to trim benefit costs and build a healthier workforce are looking to wellness programs to help them do it. And insurers are working with employers to either enhance the wellness
attributes of their products or integrate those attributes with existing wellness programs.

At Delta Dental, we know that having dental coverage is a significant factor in overall well-being. Our national Oral Health and Well-being Survey indicated that individuals who went to the
dentist at least once a year were 22 percent more likely to report their overall well-being — their physical and emotional health — as good or better compared to those who seldom visit the dentist.

dental X-rayNot surprisingly, people who visit the dentist more often also tended to report better oral health. Study participants who visited the dentist at least once a year were 37 percent more likely to report their oral health as good or better versus those who infrequently found themselves in a dentist’s chair. Having dental insurance increased the likelihood of visiting the dentist with 78 percent with insurance visiting at least once a year compared to 52
percent without coverage.

Promoting oral health education and preventive care are key components to maintaining good oral health within an organization. Take the first step in demonstrating the vital role dental care plays in overall health and wellness by introducing Delta Dental’s oral-health risk assessment to your employees. The online tool identifies oral health risks, educates individuals about the current state of their dental health, and directs high-risk members to see a dentist.

Redefine the way you think of wellness — your teeth and your employees will love you for it!

Steve LeRoy

Steve LeRoy

Guest Blogger, Senior Sales Executive at Delta Dental of Wisconsin
Steve LeRoy

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