We all want to be healthy, fit and happy…but it can be so hard with our hectic lives. To help you start or stick with your fitness program, ask yourself these six thought provoking questions to make a fitness plan that works for you! Remember, it doesn’t matter where you begin – what matters is your ability to ask the right questions and come up with a realistic plan that you can start and stick with.

  1. ‘Get real’ with yourself: Ask yourself, if I continue to live the way I am now, what does my health and wellness look like 10 years from today? Do I like what I see 10 years from now?
  2. Strategize: Ask yourself, what one thing could I do that I know would make a tremendous difference to my health and fitness that I am not doing right now? What would it be? For example,  lifting weights regularly? Stretching more? Walking?
  3. Create the plan: Ask yourself, what are my personal fitness and health goals and objectives? What do you want to accomplish? Write it down.
  4. Break it down: Ask yourself, what three action steps I can I commit to over the next 4 weeks to help me reach my desired goals? Remember to make them realistic and measurable. For example, buying a new pair of athletic shoes or committing to walking five minutes every lunch hour is a great start!
  5. Find a friend or coach: Ask yourself, who can I lean on for support, accountability and encouragement?
  6. Commit! Ask yourself, Am I ready to be “all in”? This is the most important question. Making all the plans in the world do not mean anything unless you take that first step and commit. Now is the time to make a decision to push away all excuses and delays to capture your goals and dreams!

Once you’ve taken the time to create a written plan, put down a completion date (say, six weeks) – and get started.

There – you’ve changed your course for a destination of optimal health and wellness! Let me know what you think of the six questions and how they can affect your fitness plan!

Remember to “Win the Day!”

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Sean Foy

Sean Foy

Guest Blogger, President at Personal Wellness Corporation
Sean Foy is an internationally renowned authority on fitness, weight management and healthy living. He spoke at The Alliance Learning Circle in February 2013 on "From 'Desk Sentence' to a Culture of Health: Making Movement Part of the 9-to-5." As an author, exercise physiologist, behavioral coach and speaker, Sean has earned the reputation as "America's Fast Fitness Expert". He is the author of the "10 Minute Total Body Breakthrough" and the co-creator of an award winning children's health and fitness program, LEAN KIDS. Sean is also the author and developer of the signature fitness program for The Biggest Loser® Pro Training program. Among numerous other awards, he received the "Nike Go" Top National Health Education Program Award and the California Governor Health Educator of the Year Award. Appearing on ABC, NBC, CBN and other popular national television outlets, he has spent the last 20 years testing, researching and sharing his findings on how to crack the code to make fitness work.
Sean Foy

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