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Reference Materials for Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)

The Alliance has gathered reference documents from the United States Department of Labor in regard to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirement to help individuals understand their health coverage and options through the employer’s summary of benefit and coverage (SBC) plan design document. You can download these materials to help you work with employers:

For more information and additional materials visit the Department of Labor’s website or our Health Policy section.

Alliance Phone Numbers for TPAs

Getting answers is easy when you know who to call.

If you have patient questions regarding:

  • Eligibility Information
  • Questions from Providers
  • Questions from Plan Administrators
  • Billing Inquiries

Or, questions regarding health education or provider inquiries:

images/phone.gif Call The Alliance Customer Service Line 608.210.6630 or 800.223.4139


If you have questions regarding monthly invoices:

images/phone.gif Call The Alliance Accounting Department 608.276.6620


If you have questions regarding:

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Alliance Bulletin Board System (BBS)
  • Alliance Claims Operations

images/phone.gif Call The Alliance Operations Department 608.276.6620


If you have questions regarding:

  • Membership Information
  • Benefits of Membership
  • Current Alliance Services
  • Plan Administrator Coordination
  • Employer Report Questions
  • Custom Data Requests
  • Alliance Identification (sticker)/Directory Needs
  • Employee Orientations
  • Employee Education Programs

images/phone.gif Call The Alliance Marketing & Member Services Department 608.276.6620