Employer Checklist

This checklist is provided as a guide to help Alliance employers prioritize the tasks which must be completed prior to the initial month of access to Alliance services.

  1. Initial date of access determined and communicated to The Alliance.
  2. Contracts signed and returned to The Alliance.
  3. Initial fees paid.
  4. Alliance participation communicated to the plan administrator and a planning meeting scheduled, if needed. Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)/remittance advice need to state that discount is due to Alliance participation.
  5. Participation in The Alliance other networks (chiropractic, mental health/substance abuse, worker’s compensation),as well as third-party products (pharmacy, dental, national PPOs) determined and communicated to The Alliance.
  6. Date for application of The Alliance fee schedule to Dane County non–participating providers determined and communicated to The Alliance.
  7. Employee/dependent eligibility information sent to The Alliance.
  8. Employee orientations scheduled and communication of The Alliance online Provider Directory to employees planned.
  9. Copy of ID card provided to The Alliance to be reviewed prior to printing.
  10. Copy of current employee benefit plan, and/or communication of Web site directory, and explanation of benefits provided to The Alliance.

The first ten steps MUST be completed by the 15th of the month before the first month of access to The Alliance networks.

Alliance employee identification stickers or cards distributed; employees informed that failure to show Alliance identification may result in loss of The Alliance discount.

The last step must be completed prior to the initial date of access.

If these deadlines are missed, a delay in the first month of access may occur.

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