Provider Claims Portal

Our claims portal provides quick, convenient access to the below information and capabilities within two business days of filing: 

  • Claim status 
  • Contract reimbursement repricing amounts
  • Third-Party Administrator (TPA) information including phone, fax, and address
  • Ability to generate a customized claims processed report in Excel
  • Ability to generate a “cover sheet” with contract reimbursement repricing information for submission to the TPA 

Not Yet Registered? 

If you’re a participating provider, follow the below steps to access the claims portal. (Additional users at an already-registered provider must also follow the below steps to access the portal.) 

  1. Complete the Provider Claims Portal Access Request PDF OR Word document
  2. Enter your email, and upload/submit your completed request form 

Do you have questions about filing a claim?

Click below to view our Participating Provider Manual, which includes our Claims Submission Guidelines, Reimbursement Guidelines, and more.

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