Administering High-Value Health Care for Employers

We’re a reliable and responsive partner to Third-Party Administrators (TPAs), helping you administer health plans to self-funded employers seeking High-Value Health Care. We’ve developed experienced teams and proven systems to facilitate seamless claims processing and payments; we give you what you need from the start, going above-and-beyond to provide you with the information you need to be efficient and effective.

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Reference Materials for Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Reference the below materials to help employees and their families understand their health care coverage and options. (Source: United States Department of Labor.)

TPA Toolkit

Download this toolkit to learn more about The Alliance and our partnership.

Download the TPA Toolkit

QualityPath® Resources

Download these resources to implement our QualityPath program.

Trigger Codes

Logos and ID Cards

Employees and their families should have proper identification on health plan IDs to guarantee savings and accurate data when visiting participating providers. This can be done in one of two ways:

  • On current health plan ID cards: place an Alliance sticker (if you need a sticker, contact
  • On re-printed health plan ID cards: make sure to include The Alliance logos (click here to download) with the following name and mailing address prominently displayed.

The Alliance Claims Dept.
P.O. Box 44365
Madison, WI 53744-4365

While not required, we also encourage you to include our payer ID numbers (these can appear anywhere near our address on the ID card):

Change Healthcare #88461
Relay Health 1500 CPID #2712
Relay Health UB CPID #1935

Cards must state that providers should submit all medical claims except those for prescription drugs, dental, and vision if a carve-out directly to The Alliance. This applies to all providers, whether or not they participate with The Alliance.

The Alliance Logos

Download the Alliance Logos

All new ID cards for Alliance members must be approved by The Alliance.

View a sample ID card


Find a Doctor Website Button

Employers may find it helpful to link to our Find a Doctor tool on their benefits website or intranet.

Please advise the employer’s web manager to remove any links to our old provider directory and replace them with this code.

The Alliance Find a Doctor
<a href=";state=&amp;postalCode=&amp;country=&amp;insurerCode=ALLI_I&amp;brandCode=ALLI&amp;ProductId=&amp;productCode" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><img src="" alt="The Alliance Find a Doctor" width="300" border="0" /></a>
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