Make a Difference in Health Policy 

Legislation that impacts health care can significantly impact your health benefits plan, affecting what’s covered, where it’s delivered, and how much it costs. 

Employers are the nation’s largest purchaser of health insurance, and telling legislators how proposed health policy will likely impact employers and their employees is the single best way to make a difference. 

Real stories that share how proposed rules or laws will affect the people who live and work in legislators’ districts can influence what legislators propose and how they vote — now and in the future. 


How You Can Get Involved 

Check Out The Alliance Blog 

We regularly add new blogs related to health policy. Click below to visit our Blog page and select the “Health Policy” category. 

Attend Events by The Alliance 

Attending our events is a great way to network with other individuals interested in health policy. We host several events and webinars each year focused on educating and empowering employers to unite in driving High-Value Health Care. 

Connect with The Alliance 

Our Health Policy Committee plays a key role in charting our course toward effective advocacy work, both at the state and federal level. Committee members see the political process at work and gain valuable experience that will benefit their companies. 

If you have government affairs staff or contract lobbyists, we invite you to consider asking them to work with us on important health care issues. 

Share Your Story with Elected Officials

Step 1: Learn who your elected representatives are.

Find who they are:

Step 2: Contact your representative, sharing your story and why pending decisions will make it easier — or harder — to offer high-quality, affordable care to employees and their families.

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