Avoiding Unnecessary Care

Choosing WiselyWhat is Choosing Wisely?

Choosing Wisely is an initiative of the ABIM Foundation to help physicians and patients engage in conversations about the overuse of health care services and help patients make smart and effective care choices. Specialty societies have joined the campaign to provide these patient-friendly resources.

Browse Choosing Wisely’s patient resources portal for guidance on topics like:

  • Deciding when you need tests – and when you don’t
  • Using caution when taking antibiotics
  • Treating common ocnditions
  • Making better choices
  • Delivering your baby

Choosing Wisely® has created an app to help you ask your doctor questions about your health.

This app provides resources to empower you to start a discussion with your doctor about which medical tests and procedures are right for you. And which are not.

You should know why a test or procedure is being recommended, what the risks are, how much it will cost … and more. Choosing Wisely explains how to ask your doctor these important questions.

Choosing Wisely is an initiative of the ABIM Foundation. Their goal is to help you talk with your doctor so you don’t get tests and treatments you don’t need.

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