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Think of the daily choices you make that impact your health and well-being. Your eating and exercise habits probably come to mind. You also make choices affecting your health every time you schedule a doctor’s appointment or bring medication home from the pharmacy. At some point you may need to decide which hospital to go to for surgery or maternal care. Take advantage of our resources to make good decisions leading to better health and safer care.

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QualityPath identifies hospitals and doctors that – when working together – are at or above national standards for delivering quality care.

Four Things to Know about The Alliance

New to The Alliance? Learn how The Alliance helps you save money on your out-of-pocket costs.

NCCN® Guidelines

People with cancer and their caregivers can get easy-to-understand treatment guidelines on The Alliance website thanks to the National Comprehensive Care Network® (NCCN).

The patient guidelines will help you talk with your doctors about treatment options. NCCN patient guidelines are available online here.

Healthy Living Resources

  • Community Supported Agriculture
  • Patient Safety Toolkit
  • Diabetes Information

News for Individuals and Families

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Helping MRI Patients Overcome Their Top 10 Fears
Getting patients past their fears of medical tests and technology is a passion for Laurie Sullivan and the care team ...
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Obesity in America: How Employers Can Reduce the Epidemic with Worksite Wellness
Obesity in America: How Employers Can Reduce the Epidemic with Worksite Wellness
The Alliance held a multi-stakeholder event to discuss the impact of obesity and how employers can support their employees in ...
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OpenNotes® Encourages Patients to Access Doctors’ Clinical Notes in Their Medical Record
“Having access to your medical visit notes is the most important piece of the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act ...
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Embracing Powerful Patients in QualityPath
When you’re facing a potential surgery, there’s no doubt that information is power. And QualityPath is a powerful source of ...
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On My Mind
On My Mind: The Experts Were Wrong About the Best Places for Better and Cheaper Health Care
For years, we've heard that health care in our region is low cost (at least by comparison) and high quality ...
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On My Mind
On My Mind: Dealing with Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease
Over the last year, my sister and I helped our mom move to Madison from Rockford, Ill. where she lived ...
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