Why does The Alliance need a blog? Because we’re all in this together.

All of us have a stake in the future of health care because all of us are potential health care users, either for our own health or the health of the people we care about.

Like other employers who offer health benefits, we have staff members and family members who deal with chronic illnesses, serious diseases and major injuries, not to mention life’s little aches and pains.

But we also have something that others may lack: a unique perspective on moving health care forward.

Every day, the people who work at The Alliance dive headfirst into self-funded health benefits and all that entails. We have experts who specialize in quality and cost analysis; making benefits work for employers and their employees; navigating the health claims system; and other challenges related to health care.

We hope this blog will give our staff a chance to share what they’ve learned with others. This month and in the months ahead, they’ll share their thoughts about what’s ahead for the health care system, how to spend your health care dollars wisely, how to know whether you’re getting quality care and how The Alliance and its members are involved in improving health care. They’ll also share the lessons learned from their own experiences with health care, wellness and fitness.

We hope to persuade guest columnists to join this effort. We’ll seek input from the employers who are members of our cooperative; former Alliance Learning Circle speakers; and our other allies in moving health care forward.

Let’s see what we can learn from each other as we all strive to make health care work for everyone.

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