Alliance Partnerships

The Alliance looks for partners with products, services and values that are aligned with our members’ best interests. As always, The Alliance will also work with other vendors chosen by our members.

Pharmacy Benefits Management

National CooperativeRx logo


National CooperativeRx (founded as WisconsinRx), is a not-for-profit prescription drug purchasing cooperative established in 2003 by The Alliance and two other organizations.

The Alliance’s preferred relationship with National CooperativeRx gives members greater value for their dollar through deep discounts, leading-edge clinical programs, a national network, enhanced data reporting and more.

The National CooperativeRx Preferred Relationship Guarantees Alliance Members a 50 percent reduction in enrollment fees.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Upfront Cost Savings: In addition to deep discounts and rebates achieved through volume purchasing, and as a not-for-profit cooperative, National CooperativeRx distributes 100% of their annual earnings back to members in the form of patronage dividends.
  • Clinical Programs Encourage Behavior Change and Long-Term Cost Savings: National CooperativeRx offers clinical and educational programs to help employers promote wellness and encourage employees to make cost-effective decisions. Their in-house clinical pharmacist continuously analyzes the market to recommend cost-saving changes to pharmacy benefit plan designs.
  • Best-in-Class Guarantee: National CooperativeRx undergoes a competitive bidding process to evaluate the Pharmaceutical Benefit Management (PBM) marketplace so members can be confident they are achieving the greatest value possible from the chosen PBM. After extensive review in 2015, National CooperativeRx chose to extend the current contract with CVS/Caremark.
  • Expansive Network: Members using National CooperativeRx have access to a network of approximately 60,000 pharmacies across the nation.
  • A Commitment to Transparency: Books are open to member organizations. The contract with CVS/caremark provides audit rights, and a level of transparency, that benefits the financial interests of National CooperativeRx members.
  • Excellent Service: National CooperativeRx, together with CVS/caremark, is committed to providing customer service that exceeds standards in the marketplace.
  • Board Representation: As a founding member of National CooperativeRx, The Alliance holds a seat on the National CooperativeRx Board of Directors. Because National CooperativeRx is owned and governed by its members, their objectives will always match the objectives of their members.

Dental and Vision Benefits

Delta Dental logo


Alliance members can access savings on dental and vision plans through Delta Dental and DeltaVision.

The Alliance partnership with Delta Dental offers Alliance members administrative discounts, flexible options and performance and savings guarantees:

  • More than 130,000 participating dentists across the United States are in Delta Dental’s network. This includes more than 90 percent of Wisconsin dentists and 80 percent of Illinois dentists.
  • Considerable cost savings when visiting a dentist in the Delta Dental PPO network through reduced PPO fees.
  • Additional discounts on DeltaVision when you offer both a DeltaVision and Delta Dental plan. You can even combine bills for easy accounting.
  • Online access to dental and vision directories and oral health resources, including an oral health risk assessment.

Enrollees receive significant savings on eye exams and eyewear with DeltaVision. Formed as a partnership between Delta Dental and EyeMed®, DeltaVision lets enrollees receive service at more than 52,000 nationwide participating provider locations.

Learn more about pdfDelta Dental and pdfDeltaVision

National Network Access

National Travel/Wrap Plan Offers Savings Outside The Alliance® Service Area
Network savings for your employees who travel or have dependents living in locations outside The Alliance service area.

Finding the Best Networks

The National Access Program by PHX (Premier Healthcare Exchange)is a seamless and fully integrated travel/wrap-around network that can help employers meet the needs of employees who travel or their
dependents who are away at school.

The National Access Program includes:

  • Extensive access to available hospitals, facilities and physicians
  • Deep discounts

Guarantee to Alliance Members
As part of The Alliance’s partnership with PHX, the National Access Program offers significant savings, extensive access, and superior customer satisfaction. The following guarantees protect employers from lost discounts and ensure that third-party administrators adhere to their responsibilities.

  • PHX will complete an annual customer service survey measuring satisfaction with response time, accuracy of provider listing, access and availability of providers, time to answer calls, courtesy, efficiency, and effective resolution of inquiries. If PHX fails to complete this survey, the employer will receive a 5 percent refund on fees paid.
  • PHX strives to meet 98 percent claims accuracy. If they fail to do so, employers will receive a 2.5 percent refund on fees paid.
  • If a member chooses a provider based on information provided by PHX, and this information later proves to be inaccurate, PHX will ensure that the discount is honored by the provider. If they are unable
    to secure this discounted rate, PHX will refund the difference.
  • If a critical provider opts out of a selected network, PHX will notify members so they may select an alternative. If the loss of the provider impacts the employer greatly, the employer may also choose to opt out of the PHX contract, without penalty.

Wrap Networks

Wrap network vendors cover participants in your benefit plan who live, work, study or travel outside The Alliance primary service area. The Alliance offers seamless wrap network access through a partnership Zelis Healthcare.

Stop-Loss Partners

Stop-loss insurance is a critical component of a self-insured medical plan’s administrative costs. Network savings performance is a key element that carriers use to calculate your stop-loss premium. The Alliance proactively reaches out to carriers to ensure that they have the most up-to-date network data so that our members receive the best possible rates. See a full list of stop-loss carriers that offer discounts to Alliance members.

Workers’ Compensation Partners

Alliance members in Wisconsin can access a cost-effective network of providers for workers’ compensation health-care related claims.

Using the The Alliance’s comprehensive, cost-efficient network of providers, participants save an average of 35 percent on compensable billed charges.

The Alliance solution:

  • Reduces workers’ compensation costs by providing cost savings for work-related medical expenses.
  • Works with you or your workers’ compensation insurance carrier to redirect your claims to The Alliance network.
  • Taps into a broad provider network within The Alliance’s service areas in Wisconsin and Iowa.

Here’s what two employers say:

Our workers’ compensation insurance carrier did not think they could use this solution, but The Alliance helped us sort through the details to work out a system that continues to run smoothly. Our savings are substantially higher than the wrap network that our carrier was using. The move to The Alliance program was a “no-brainer.”

Tim Wolff, Director of Human Resources
Colony Brands Inc.

“We choose to use The Alliance Workers’ Compensation Solution because it gives us significant discounts without adding more paperwork to our process. This program makes a big difference when we add up our overall workers’ compensation costs.”

Kate Schieldt, Vice President — Human Resources
STI Holdings

Learn more: pdf The Alliance Workers’ Compensation Solution

Wellness Vendors

  • The Wellness Council of Wisconsin provides educational resources related to employee well-being. Alliance members get a discount on the council’s corporate membership.

Vendors are welcome to contact The Alliance to learn more about reaching members through event sponsorship and other opportunities.