Recommended Resources from MBGH

Visit the Take Control of Your Pregnancy website for employer resources on maternity care. Materials include:

  • Why maternity care and EEDs are a top cost for employers
  • Employer strategies to improve maternity care at the worksite
  • An employer toolkit that supports investing in maternal and child health
  • An employer case study that highlights a new maternity benefit program
  • Resources that can help your efforts to improve maternity care outcomes and reduce the cost of EEDs
  • Tools that can be shared with your employees

Employer Toolkit on Specialty Pharmacy Benefits

  • Specialty Pharmacy 101: Assists employers in better understanding the basics and economics of Specialty Pharmacy and related benefits
  • Managing Specialty Benefits: Supports employers in effectively contracting and partnering with their PBMs, Health Plans and Specialty Pharmacies
  • Supporting At-Risk Populations: Helps employers understand the importance of managing their at-risk populations and communicating specialty benefits to their covered population

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