The Benefits of being an Alliance Member

Being a member of The Alliance has its benefits.  Organized as an employer-owned, not-for-profit cooperative, we are uniquely positioned to focus on the needs of our members.  Our focus is on improving the health and wellness of your employees and their dependents with exclusive partnerships and programs to help you manage your health benefits, including access to your data to help you make the best decisions possible based on your employees’ needs.


“The Alliance has proven to be a true partner with the same goals of our organization” – Kevin Lamp, Fall River Group 


As a cooperative, we believe in emphasizing the benefits of being a member-owner by paying members back. When The Alliance has a positive financial year, we try to take some of the investment our members made in us and return it back to them in the form of a patronage check.  A member’s share of a patronage dividend is based on their contribution to The Alliance’s revenue and is returned at the end of our fiscal year. 

The Alliance Provider Networks

The Alliance has contracts with the major hospitals, health systems, and physician groups in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa to give members access a wide network of quality providers and hospitals at a reasonable price. 



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