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ShareCap™: A Medical Stop-Loss Captive for Alliance Members

A Medical Stop-Loss Captive: Learn about ShareCap

Participating in a medical stop-loss captive can help you capture more savings from your self-funding investment. As participation grows, The Alliance will develop ShareCap as a “members-only” cell for Alliance employers.

Medical Stop-Loss Captive: ShareCap from The Alliance

ShareCap Stop-Loss Captive goals include:

  • Delivering a competitive stop-loss rate.
  • Sharing risk and rewards with other Alliance member.s
  • Getting dividends when the captive performs well.
  • Working with like-minded employers to reduce claim exposure, which helps further reduce your cost.

What ShareCap Stop-Loss Captive Does:

ShareCap covers one layer of medical claims risk – the most predictable layer – as a way to lower the cost of reinsurance.

Watch this video to learn the four building blocks of stop-loss savings:

Read our frequently-asked questions (FAQs) for more information.

Are You Getting the Right Level of Coverage at the Right Cost?

Get a no-obligation captive proposal and see if it’s the right fit for you.

The Alliance will work with Berkley Accident & Health to provide an analysis of your stop-loss ratio. Sign this Letter of Authorization and we’ll do the rest of the work, which includes talking to your third-party administrator (TPA) to get claims data. When the analysis is complete, we’ll share the results with you and your broker.


Not Ready for a Captive?

Get Alliance discounts on stop-loss insurance.

The Alliance reaches out to stop-loss carriers to give them current data about the performance of our network. That helps members get better stop-loss rates. Learn more.

ShareCap 101

Learn how ShareCap works and how you can benefit from being part of a stop-loss captive by watching this short webinar. 

ShareCap webinar thumbnail

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