Imagine going in to see your doctor for a sore shoulder and learning a few hours later that you have a very serious form of kidney cancer. And that you aren’t expected to survive much longer than 24 weeks.

If there was ever a time to get active in your care, that’s the moment. Luckily for Dave deBronkart — now known as e-Patient Dave — he did. Like many other patients today he used the Internet to not only connect with information, but also with others facing similar situations. When he logged on that day he learned about a rare treatment that might save his life. He sought it out and is here today to tell his story.

Dave deBrokart, e-Patient DaveSince then e-Patient Dave has become one of the leading spokespeople for patient engagement and the emergence of the e-patient. He’ll join us May 1, at our Annual Seminar to tell you more about the e-patients just like him who are empowered, engaged, equipped, enabled … just pick your e.

He says he has talked to many physicians who believe the patient is the most underused resource in health care. He’ll talk about what the patient of the future looks like and what it will take to get to a place where physicians and patients work together to improve care.

We’ll also have a reactor panel who will share perspectives on the challenges and enablers of patient engagement, with plenty of time for participants to contribute to the discussion.

I look forward to seeing you at our Annual Seminar.

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