Expert Opinions About QualityPath

“Programs like QualityPath are essential to driving the field of orthopedics forward. As more hospitals and surgeons are drawn to Registry participation, our dataset will become more comprehensive and actionable, therefore providing a more accurate representation of joint arthroplasty in America.”

  • Dr. Daniel J. Berry, MD, chair of the American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR), Rosemont, IL, telephone 847.292.0530. The AJRR is a multi-stakeholder, not-for-profit organization that optimizes patient outcomes through the collection of data on primary and revision hip and knee replacement procedures throughout the U.S. Registry participation is part of the criteria for receiving QualityPath designation.

QualityPath gives you greater assurance that your medical imaging is going to serve its intended purpose. When you use clinics and hospitals that have QualityPath designation for CT and MRI scans you will know you need to have the scan taken; your scan is being done in a safe way; your scan will be of sufficient quality to be used for diagnosis; and the accepted standards of diagnosis and follow-up care are being followed.”

  • Dr. David Seidenwurm, a radiologist with the Sutter Medical Group, Cal., and a consultant on quality, safety and performance measurement with a long-term interest in whether imaging is appropriate for the patient.As a paid consultant, he provided medical expertise for the development of QualityPath quality criteria for CT and MRI scans. Dr. Seidenwurm is a graduate of the Harvard Medical School and completed a residency in diagnostic radiology at Stanford University Medical Center and a fellowship in neuroradiology at New York University Medical Center.

QualityPath helps speed adoption of critical clinical improvements that make a difference for patients.Improvements like national quality registry participation, involving patients in decision making and supporting physician radiology ordering with clinical information specific to the patient’s problem, for example. QualityPath means patients get better results, employers get better value for their money and qualifying providers get more business. It is a win, win, win program.”

  • Dr. Gail Amundson, health care transformation consultant, The Alliance. Dr. Amundson helps The Alliance measure quality for high-cost, high-usage elective procedures. Dr. Amundson previously served as the president and chief executive officer of Quality Quest for Health in Illinois and the medical director for quality at HealthPartners in Minnesota. She is board certified in internal medicine and holds a certificate of added proficiency in geriatrics. She is a public speaker on health care transformation, measurement, public reporting and provider incentives.

 Contact information is available from The Alliance for all three experts.