Quotes from QualityPath Hospitals and Facilities

Quote from Hospitals and Facilities joining QualityPath for CT and MRI scans effective March 1, 2017

Quote from JoAnne Geissbuhler, Director of Radiology, Southwest Health

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“We at Southwest Health are dedicated to always providing patient care of the highest possible quality,” said JoAnn Geissbuhler, Director of Radiology. “That’s why we’re excited about QualityPath. Our participation allows us to continue to optimize CT and MRI care for our patients right here in southwest Wisconsin. And that not only eliminates the hassles of traveling but also gives doctors and their patients alike the peace of mind of knowing tests will be done right, the first time, every time.”

Quote from Lynnette Collins, Director of Imaging Services, Upland Hills Health

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“Upland Hills Health is committed to providing the best and safest diagnostic imaging,” said Lynnette Collins, Director of Imaging Services. “This remarkable technology allows us to use a decreased amount of radiation without compromising image quality. Our recent upgrades also maximize patient comfort. ”