QualityPath®: A Higher Standard of Health Care


The Best Way to Buy Shoppable Care

Depending upon where a patient receives care, and who they receive it from, the cost of a test can vary by hundreds, even thousands of dollars. With QualityPath, you and your employees benefit from:


  • A single bundled price that covers your test from start to finish.
  • A warranty for tests that covers the need for repeating the same scan due to quality issues.
  • A higher standard of care. QualityPath requires participating doctors, hospitals, and clinics to follow specific procedures that lead to better health outcomes.

        Use QualityPath for these tests.

        • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
        • Computed tomography (CT) also known as computerized axial tomography (CAT) scans
        • Colonoscopies

        Selected tests must offer the potential to negotiate savings based on guiding a higher volume of patients to QualityPath doctors, hospitals, and clinics.


        This is Health Care Made Simple


        Doctors, hospitals, and clinics pay for repeated tests due to quality issues, not the employer or employee.

        A New Way to Buy Care

        A single price covers most elements of tests.

        High Quality

        Doctors, hospitals, and clinics meet quality measures and use practices that reduce unnecessary care.

        A Better Patient Experience

        You have less paperwork.


        QualityPath is:

        • Savings for tests are projected at 20 percent below current costs (actual results will vary by usage).
        • Reducing out-of-pocket costs for employees and family members.
        • Guiding employees and family members to high-quality care for tests.
        • Inspiring and sustaining changes in the way you buy health care.

        Here's How it Works

        • The Alliance annually designates preferred-value doctors, hospitals, and clinics based on their ability to meet national quality measures, adopt processes that improve care and agree to a lower price.
        • Your business or organization signs up to participate. QualityPath is part of your Alliance membership, so there’s no additional fee.
        • You promote the program to employees so they understand what they can gain from QualityPath and how to use it.
        • Employees get a warranty, lower out-of-pocket costs and less paperwork.
        • For tests, employees can notify The Alliance after they have a test appointment.

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        QualityPath Toolkit

        Materials to help your employees understand the benefits of QualityPath. Learn more by clicking on the title of each piece.

        Quality Path Map

        The Alliance Network Map with QualityPath Hospitals & Clinics

        This map shows The Alliance network area and the locations of designated hospitals for QualityPath procedures.

        Employee Flyer

        Download this full-color flyer to share vital information about QualityPath with your employees. This flyer can also be combined with a letter for mailing directly to employees and family members at their homes. 

        Download the QualityPath ID Card

        Click to download the wallet-sized QualityPath program card designed with your employees and their family members in mind.

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