QualityPath for Surgery

Take control of your care long before the road to recovery begins with QualityPath

Use QualityPath for these surgeries:

The Patient Experience Manager is your guide to better care.

The Patient Experience Manager will:

  • Help you find a QualityPath doctor and hospital – and let them know you’re coming.
  • Make appointments.
  • Help transfer medical records.
  • Offer travel information.
  • Remain in touch to answer questions.
  • Help you return to your primary care doctor.

Your reward: A lower cost (sometimes nothing!)

QualityPath patients enrolled in a traditional health plan have 100 percent coverage of medical procedure costs for:

  • Most care provided or ordered by your QualityPath surgeon to prepare for the surgery.
  • The surgery and hospital stay.
  • Follow-up visits and physical therapy that is provided by the QualityPath doctor, hospital or health system.
  • Most types of care related to the QualityPath procedure that is required during the 90-day warranty period.
  • Most care for complications related to the QualityPath procedure that happen during the 90-day warranty period.

The amount you pay may be different if you are in a plan with a health savings account (HSA), but you’ll still get savings from QualityPath pricing.

Your employer may offer more incentives; talk to your Human Resources representative to learn more.

Read the benefit plan information for details about how services are covered. Contact your human resources representative to learn about any special features linked to your employer.


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