Single Source Self-Funding™ from The Alliance

It’s a Simpler Way to Start Self-Funding

A Bright Idea for Self-Funding Health Benefits

Get the Same Perks as the Big Guys. You Can Self-Fund too!

  • Access insights into your claims data and cost drivers because it is your information, not the insurance company’s
  • Gain control of your health benefits through benefit design structure, cost control offerings, network decisions and more.
  • Engage in a long-term funding strategy that can be more cost-effective than the yearly back-and-forth with your  insurance company.
  • Join a community of employers empowered with direct contracts to a wide network of medical providers.

Learn More

  • Go to: the-alliance.org/singlesource
  • Read about the Alliance advantages of Single Source Self-Funding. Make your health care benefits do more and cost less. It’s a simpler way to start self-funding.

Let’s Talk About Self-Funding

Single Source Self-Funding Provides the Framework for Success. Here’s How:

It’s a Simpler Way to Self-Fund

Pre-Built Framework for Success

  • Trusted, vetted partners in self-funded benefits
  • Recommended SPD language to amplify value of self-funding
  • Enrollee communication plan tailored to organizations new to self-funding

Improved Coordination and Support

  • Less paperwork with centralized point of contact
  • Combined reporting packages with insights into cost drivers
  • Advice on new strategies and actions based on full knowledge of all aspects of your health benefits

Enhanced Cost Control

  • Broad network with competitive provider contracts
  • Steerage programs to high-value providers
    • QualityPath® from The Alliance
    • FocusHealth® from Auxiant
  • Opioid risk management program

Full TPA and PBM Services

  • Third-Party Administration (TPA) services provided by Auxiant.
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) services provided by Serve You Rx.

Network Health Providers

Membership in The Alliance includes:

  • A broad network of provider, hospital and clinic options.
  • Networking opportunities with a community of self-funded employers.
  • Educational events with national and regional experts speaking on the latest in health benefits and self-funding.
  • Ascension Wisconsin
  • Aspirus Network
  • Gundersen Health System
  • HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital
  • HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital
  • Marshfield Clinic
  • Mercy Health System Corporation
  • OSF Healthcare System
  • SSM Health Care of Wisconsin / Dean Medical Group
  • UW Health (including UW Hospital, UW Children’s Hospital, UW Health Clinics & SwedishAmerican Hospital)

Learn more about our network and download our network coverage map here.

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