Twin Cities Orthopedic Screening

Complete the pre-screening to schedule an appointment for one of the eight procedures listed below.

These procedures are performed in an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) rather than as an in-patient stay at a hospital. Each patient will be screened to ensure that an ASC would be an appropriate option for your surgery. For that reason, certain data is required prior to scheduling your first appointment with Twin Cities Orthopedic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Completing the form provides The Alliance and Twin Cities Orthopedic (TCO) with the information necessary to start the scheduling process. Not all patients will qualify for a TCO bundle procedure, so answering the initial questions helps with the scheduling process and helps to ensure a good experience for the patient at TCO.

Please contact The Alliance customer service at 800.223.4139.

If required, physical therapy can be completed at a location near you. However, if therapy is not performed at a TCO facility, it will not be included in the bundled price. Your therapy provider will bill your health plan for any services and it will not be included in the overall price of your surgery. You must be able to commit to traveling to TCO for your post-operative visits with your surgeon.

Your surgeon will be available for any questions during the course of your care. A TCO case manager will also be assigned and will be available for inquiries regarding your care. If your conditions are emergent, you should visit a facility near your home. If services are rendered at a non-TCO facility, these services will not be part of the bundled cost and the provider will bill your health plan for those services.

Twin Cities Orthopedics’ bundle program is designed to achieve quality outcomes and a great patient experience. TCO is constantly working to expand our suite of bundle services offered and hope to add additional procedures in the future.

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