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The Alliance® serves as the voice for self-funded employers who want more control over their costs and better access to High-Value Health Care. As the smarter alternative to traditional health insurance, we provide transparent approaches to network and benefit plan design to unlock savings where others can’t – or won’t – using Smarter NetworksSM and deep data mining and analysis.

Smarter NetworksSM 

With three custom network options spanning 34,000 health care providers, The Alliance offers employers broad access to High-Value Health Care. This creative approach to network design helps your clients save money without limiting where their employees choose to seek care.

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Employers can add incentives to their benefits plan, encouraging employee use of certain doctors and hospitals – not to limit employee choice but to choose those that deliver the best care at the lowest cost.

Smarter HealthSM Analysis

We know every employer is different, and a Smarter Health analysis — offered only to our members — addresses the unique needs of your client’s patient population. Smarter Health is the start to a successful steerage program and helps employers gain easy access to their claims data, providing transparent insights into where their health care dollars are being spent — and where they can save.

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Meet Mike, your no-nonsense, proactive benefits plan partner. With nearly 20 years of experience in health benefits, self-funding, and health insurance, Mike’s an expert partner you can trust when it comes to finding and developing unique health benefits strategies for your clients. Have a question for Mike? Message him below.

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