March 2020
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Operational Updates
Issuing ID Cards for Alliance Members

ID-card_1008818.pngIt is important to copy the patient’s name and number exactly as it appears on the card. If you submit claims via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), this ensures the claim is always accepted on the first submission. The Alliance works with two clearinghouses for electronic claims submission, Change Healthcare and Relay Health. The Alliance payer identification numbers are as follows: Change Healthcare # 88461; Relay Health 1500 CPID # 2712; Relay Health UB CPID # 1935. Please direct questions about payer identification numbers or EDI connectivity to The Alliance.

The TPA maintains eligibility information, determines if services are covered, processes claims for payment, and handles precertification, if needed. Call the TPA if you have questions about claims status, benefits, eligibility, or pre-authorization.

Please send all medical/surgical, home health, mental health, and chiropractic claims to The Alliance.

Credentialing Requests for Medical Providers


The Alliance uses services from partner organizations to assist with provider credentialing. WPS Health Insurance, and their CVO, Eddy, provides credentialing services for medical providers contracted by The Alliance. Partnering with these companies allows The Alliance to fulfill its requirement for a credentialed network while reducing the paperwork burden for providers.

As a provider of The Alliance, you may be asked to complete credentialing materials by either of these organizations to maintain your status in The Alliance provider network. It is important to respond promptly to credentialing requests to avoid disruption of your participation status.

The current provider registration and credentialing process includes:

  1. The Alliance will send your provider registration forms for completion. Once completed, please send them to The Alliance for processing. This allows The Alliance to list your practitioners and facilities in our on-line member directory and process claims appropriately.
  2. If credentialing is required, then WPS or Eddy will contact you to complete credentialing application(s).
  3. WPS/Eddy will gather the credentialing information from your practice and make an approval recommendation to The Alliance.
  4. The Alliance makes the final approval decision and contacts your organization with credentialing approval date information.

Here is a sample of the letter you may receive from WPS/Eddy requesting that you credential your providers.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the credentialing process. You may email us at providerservices@the-alliance.org or call Lori Madigan, provider relations supervisor, 608.210.6631

The Alliance Announcements
Please join us in welcoming Xia Xiong to the Provider Relations and Network Development Team!

Xia (pronounced “Zee-Uh”) joined us on January 6th in the role of Provider Relations Assistant. He most recently worked for The Alliance in the claims department as a Data Entry Associate.

Interesting facts about Xia: Xia used to be an armored truck guard, but is now a freelance writer on the side.

Membership Numbers

The Alliance currently covers more than 105,000 individuals from 275 employers in the Midwest.

Blog Posts
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Employer Stories
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