Membership Numbers 

The Alliance currently covers more than 105,000 individuals
from 275 employers in the Midwest.

Reference-Based Contracting by The Alliance

Employers of The Alliance expect the ability to forecast health care costs so they can make educated decisions about health care purchases. Medicare is the largest payer of medical services in the United States. Their pricing and methodologies are publicly available, and because nearly every provider already uses Medicare methodologies, our employer-members expect the same application be used as an index to conduct commercial business.

We use Reference-Based Contracting in over 80% of our contracts because using Medicare rates and methodologies as a baseline allows employers to efficiently compare pricing across all providers and services and promotes good consumerism. Employers and employees/dependents know they have a choice in where health care services are purchased, so it's imperative they’re spending their health care dollars wisely to ensure sustainable, cost-effective options that lead to good health.

Review Your Provider Directory Listing 

findadoc_smaller_1733609.pngThe Alliance enrollees utilize our Find a Doctor provider directory to determine which providers
are included in their network. To ensure accuracy
of your organizations listing, please review how your organization is published on The Alliance Find a Doc directory.

If corrections are necessary, please notify us using the “Tell us if something needs to change” link found on your profile page. Alternatively, you can email us at providerservices@the-alliance.org

To ensure the accuracy of claims processing, keep us informed of changes to your organization and practitioners that occur such as: business name or Tax ID, location or phone number changes, provider additions or terminations. 
Relevant forms are available on our website or you may email us at providerservices@the-alliance.org.  

The Alliance Logo and Branding

Alliancelogo-new_tagline_small_1728886.pngYou may have noticed an update to
The Alliance logo and brand colors.
We are still focused on moving health care forward for employers using our four core drivers of high-value health care: transparency, payment reform, benefit plan design, and provider network design. We simply wanted to create a clear and direct message in the market that resonates with more employers interested in Self-Funding Smart. 

RAND Study Released
rand-corporation-small_1690463.pngRecently, RAND Corporation and the Employers’ Forum of Indiana released the National Hospital Price Transparency Study (RAND 3.0), which aims to help employers understand the costs they’re paying for hospital services and the quality of those services. Many Wisconsin employers came together to volunteer their claims data for the study. The Alliance CEO, Cheryl DeMars, highlighted that significance by saying: “Employers — and the public — need to know the prices they are paying and the relative difference between hospitals and regions so they can make informed decisions.” Employers can use this data to help their purchasers contract with hospitals that offer the best value.
Holly Dooley Joins the Contracting Team at The Alliance 
Holly-D_small-crop_1733660.jpgHolly Dooley recently joined The Alliance as Network Development Manager. She is a graduate of UW-Eau Claire and continues to reside in that area with her family. Holly brings 25 years of experience in the insurance industry to The Alliance. Her career has included working for a major insurer and a provider health system; both companies provided her the opportunity to focus on provider contracting and marketing. Holly’s most recent position was with her family-owned benefits brokerage firm in western Wisconsin. She worked directly with employers throughout the Midwest to develop benefit packages and provide education to their employees on health care.
Recent Blog Posts
Tena Hoag received a Health Transformation Award from The Alliance on October 1, 2020 for significantly improving her employees’ access to high-value health care and transforming the way health care is delivered...
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The Alliance believes it’s important for employers to stay up-to-date on health policy legislation – especially during an election year. And because health policy can be complicated, we invited experts from the American Benefits Council to give our members a high-level look at current (and future) health....
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The Alliance hosted their 30th Fall Symposium & Annual Meeting on Thursday, Oct. 1 as on online event. This article recaps the keynote speakers in the latter half of the event, but you can re-watch the event in its entirety here... 
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