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Spring 2024

Thanks for playing an important role in serving our employer-members. Here’s the latest updates from The Alliance that may interest you.

Membership Numbers 
The Alliance consists of more than  118,000 lives from over  425 employers across the Midwest. The Alliance networks include over 39,000 providers.
The Alliance Credentialing Committee 

We have three open seats on our credentialing committee beginning in June. We’re looking for medical doctors with specialties in OB/GYN and behavioral health (Ph.D./Psychiatrist), as well as an advanced practice practitioner. We are also looking for medical doctors to serve as consultants, alternates, and those who may have an interest in future committee roles.

We want to ensure that all participating providers meet prevailing standards for professional conduct and quality of care. We invite your help steering our credentialing program.

Please contact Nora Moses at 608-210-6672 
or if you are interested.

Allegiance ID Card and Claim Submission Process Update 

Allegiance, a third-party administrator (TPA) owned by CIGNA, has two claims submission addresses on its ID cards. One address is for The Alliance provider claims, the other is for CIGNA.

To ensure your claims are processed accurately and patient benefits are applied correctly, send all claims to The Alliance. Even if you are contracted with both The Alliance and CIGNA, claims must be reported to The Alliance.

The Alliance Claim Submission Address
The Alliance
P.O. Box 44365
Madison, WI 53744-4365

Electronic Claims
Payer ID #88461

Shoppable Services 
Employers, now more than ever, want to know the cost of services so they can help their employees make educated decisions about healthcare. Employers are designing their health plans to steer employees to preferred-value providers who offer low-cost, frequently utilized procedures that are “shoppable” and not emergent.

Shoppable services typically include procedures such as carpal tunnel surgery, colonoscopy, imaging services, knee and shoulder surgery and others that are frequently performed and have transparent pricing. Guiding employees to preferred-value providers for shoppable services can be a win-win for employers, employees and their families leading to improved healthcare outcomes and reduced costs.

See how your organization compares to other providers in your area with our Smarter Care AdvisorSM. This tool allows patients to find cost estimates for select procedures from in-network providers in their area.

The Alliance values your participation, and we invite you to contact your relationship manager to find additional opportunities.

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