Administrative Services Only (ASO) Health Plans with WPS

Administrative Services Only ASO

WPS, powered by Auxiant, works with The Alliance to offer employers Administrative Services Only (ASO) health plans. ASO health plans wrap The Alliance’s Smarter Networks with new coverage to offer employers even more provider options.

ASO health plans from WPS offer a turnkey solution of more than 30 Stop-Loss partners, 27 Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) services, and chronic condition management.

Additionally, your employees will enjoy excellent customer service from their ASO health plan, including care management to better manage their own health, a dedicated nurse line to help them navigate the health care system, and a first-class call center team.

Other ASO health plan features include:

  • Cost containment to help protect your bottom line
  • Extreme flexibility in administering your plan
  • Utilization management to help ensure appropriate care
  • Identification of gaps in care
  • Available value-added programs for dental, fitness, vision, hearing, and more
  • Virtual care through Teladoc®
  • Timely and accurate claims management
  • Full suite of reporting capabilities
  • Carve-out support
  • Full access to data

ASO vs. Self-Funded – What's the Difference?

The ASO health plan wraps WPS’ Statewide networks with our Smarter Networks for even more coverage.

ASO health plans are a great option for employers that want a turnkey self-funded solution. An ASO health plan pulls all your partners together instead of custom-picking every third-party vendor you want to work with.

Lastly, employers that choose an ASO health plan receive a call center team to help their employees navigate their health benefits plan.


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