Our Network is Growing!

Our Smarter NetworksSM have expanded to include new locations and providers from Prevea Health and Hospital Sisters Health Systems (HSHS). This expansion includes four more HSHS hospitals in Eastern Wisconsin and more than 100 Prevea Health locations, encompassing 900 practitioners!

This network expansion strengthens our cooperative’s foothold in Eastern Wisconsin while offering our employers and their families more choice, which helps them avoid surprise billing.

Use our Find a Doctor tool to find a Prevea Health or HSHS provider near you (or one of our other 31,000+ providers and doctors)!

Driving High-Value Health Care For 30 Years

The Alliance can help self-funding employers provide high-quality care for their employees while reducing their plan spend.

High-Value Health Care happens when individuals have access to higher-quality care that costs less. By utilizing strategies such as: increasing the time patients spend with their primary care physicians, shifting provider payment methodologies to reward value over volume, and customizing employer benefit plans to guide employees towards high-value providers.

Can your business benefit from self-funding?

The Alliance® is a not-for-profit cooperative that works to control your health care spend while increasing your employees’ access to high quality care. We help you understand the total cost of care, which means you can avoid short-term decisions that undermine your ability to capture long-term savings.
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How does The Alliance Help with Employee Health Guidance?

From data on cost and quality for employers, to presentations at employee meetings, The Alliance offers resources that help employers introduce employee health guidance programs. Utilizing guides on how to ask the right questions when getting care and directing their workforces towards the best care at the lowest cost possible helps employer – and employee – bottom lines.
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