High-Value Health Care
for Self-Funded Employers

We help self-funded employers control costs and uncover serious savings while unlocking improved access to high-value care for employees and their families.

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Driving Savings and Quality with Smarter NetworksSM

We develop custom provider networks using a robust pool of 38,000 doctors and health care providers across the Midwest. Through creative, data-driven approaches, these custom provider networks drive real savings that others can’t — or won’t. Our Smarter Networks incentivize higher-quality care by rewarding value over volume. In addition to Smarter Networks, here are a few key things we offer self-funded employers:


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Introducing The Premier Network Emerald

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Commitment to a Healthy Workforce

Self Funding
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“What Is Self-Funding —  and Is It For Me?”

Under a self-funded or self-insured health plan, employers fund the plan rather than paying a premium to a commercial insurer. For many employers, self-funding can be a better alternative to the traditional fully insured approach, driving greater transparency, control, and cost savings.

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