425+ Self-Funded Employers Partner with The Alliance to Improve Health Benefits and Manage Costs

2024 Membership Growth

MADISON, WI. (May 30, 2024) – From January 2023 to January 2024, The Alliance saw membership grow to over 425 employer-members, an increase of more than 80 employer-members. The cooperative currently provides health coverage to more than 118,000 lives, encompassing 60,000 employees and their families.  

Employers are increasingly choosing self-funding to manage their healthcare costs while improving benefits for their employees. A wide range of organizations successfully self-fund with The Alliance, including businesses, unions, Taft-Hartley Insurance Trusts, municipalities, and school districts.  

In the last year, The Alliance saw growth in these sectors respectively:  

This expansion underscores The Alliance’s ability to tailor solutions to meet the unique needs of different organizations and industries. 

“The Alliance owes its significant growth to several differentiators,” said Melina Kambitsi, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Marketing at The Alliance. “To name a few, we serve as a strategic advisor to employers and their benefit partners, helping them find effective solutions for their health plans. We are the only network that contracts directly with providers on behalf of employers, allowing our network to be used as a platform for innovation. The Alliance also helps employers design purposeful steering and tiering strategies that guide plan participants to high-value care. Finally, we contract with independent physicians to help bring down healthcare costs to help employers provide the best benefits to their employees.”

Employers who join The Alliance get innovative solutions for their benefit plans and the opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded employers and benefit partners. The Alliance fosters an environment of collaboration, empowering healthcare purchasers to band together to drive positive change in healthcare.  

About The Alliance 

The Alliance serves as the voice for self-funded employers who want more control over their healthcare costs. Using Smarter Networks and sophisticated data mining and analysis, they provide transparent, creative approaches to network and benefit plan design to unlock savings where others can’t – or won’t. The Alliance remains a trusted, objective partner for its 425+ employers and their brokers who seek improved access to high-quality healthcare by contracting with a network of 39,000 healthcare providers and doctors across the Midwest. 

Craig Sauer
Marketing & Communications Specialist
Phone: 608.210.6638
E-mail: csauer@the-alliance.org