The Four Core Drivers of High-Value Health Care

The Alliance® works with employers using our four core drivers to effectively change health care. We believe that initiatives like pushing for price transparency and rewarding value (rather than volume) of services will move the market to a more favorable position for employers.



You can’t manage what you can’t measure. The Alliance is working to provide accurate, easy-to-access information comparing cost and quality from different providers so high-value health care can be chosen that deliver good results at lower prices.

The Alliance also actively participates as a leader in public health policy by influencing legislation through education, and encouraging hospital price transparency initiatives.

Payment Reform

The way health care is paid for influences the behavior of doctors and hospitals, which is why we continue to expand our Reference-Based Contracting initiative. Fee-for-service isn’t working for employers or patients, which is why we need to redefine their payment methodology to reward cost effective, high-quality care rather than volume of services.

The Alliance will also continue to provide programs like QualityPath and bundled payment services to further our payment reform efforts.

Benefit Plan Design

Employers can add incentives to their benefits plan, encouraging employee use of certain doctors and hospitals – not to limit employee choice but to choose those that deliver the best care at the lowest cost. And when enough employers get involved and provide these kind of incentives, physicians are motivated to improve the value of their care.

Provider Network Design

The Alliance contracts directly with providers on our employer’s behalf to ensure convenient access to care for employees while encouraging competition on price and quality. Our provider networks are continually expanding based on the needs of current and prospective cooperative employers, giving employees more high-value health care options.

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