Broker Partnership

Looking to guide your clients along the path to self-funded, High-Value Healthcare? As your partner, we’ll work together to develop custom provider networks (Smarter NetworksSM) and dig deep to unlock serious savings using sophisticated data mining and analysis. Our goal is to support you in serving your value-seeking clients, helping you deliver on a promise of high-quality care and cost control.

Benefits of Partnering with The Alliance

More ways we work together to drive High-Value Healthcare

Custom Provider Networks

We work alongside you and your clients to create custom, data-driven Smarter NetworksSM for better care at a better price.

Our Networks

Benefit Plan Design

We create our Smarter NetworksSM using a robust provider pool of 42,000+ doctors and healthcare providers across the Midwest to offer your clients broad freedom of choice.

Benefit Plan Design

Cost Management & Serious Savings

Through deep data mining and analysis, we drive savings for your clients that others can’t — or won’t.

Data Analytics

Flexible Approach to Partnership

We’re open to partnering with any Third-Party Administrator (TPA) or vendor; we’ll support you in any and every way possible to deliver high-value healthcare for your clients.

Vendor Partnerships

Reference Materials

Broker ToolKit

Reference the below materials to help your clients on their self-funding journey.

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