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Why “5 Questions” Cards and how do I get a supply for our workforce?

Dom Lorusso, director of health partnerships at Consumer Reports, was asked during his presentation at the 2016 Alliance Annual Meeting, “What’s your number one recommendation?” Lorusso responded, “Start with the 5 questions [card.] The 5 questions are key for employers and employees. It’s simple and engaging.”

Wallet-sized, Five Questions Cards are free to member-employers of The Alliance. Contact Member Services at

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The “Five Questions” You Should Ask Your Doctor

five questions card

There are five questions that you should ask your doctor before you get any test, treatment or procedure.

Did you know that Consumer Reports created a wallet-sized card to keep these five important questions handy? Keep it in your wallet and they’ll be ready for your next doctor’s appointment.

It can be stressful or surprising when your doctor recommends that you have a medical test, treatment or procedure. Having the five Questions Card within easy reach means that you’ll be ready to ask the questions necessary to know what your options, risks and outcomes might be.

Cards are available in Human Resources. Pick up one today and be ready for your next doctor’s appointment.