ACA Subsidy Calculator

This tool helps you project premiums and government assistance under the ACA by examining the impact of tax credits based on income levels, ages, family sizes and regional costs.

Minimum Value Calculator

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Minimum Value Calculator allows an employer to use information about its health benefits, coverage and cost-sharing rules to determine whether the plan meets minimum value standards.

Health Policy

The goal of The Alliance’s health policy function is to:

  • Provide timely and objective information to members,
  • Become a resource to public policy makers, and
  • Take action on issues that are likely to impact Alliance members and that are consistent with our mission.

Read our pdf Health Policy Platform.

The Alliance is a member of the American Benefits Council on behalf of employers who belong to our cooperative. We regularly share information about Council activities and pass along educational materials and learning opportunities.

Michael Best StrategiesThe Alliance works with Michael Best Strategies to tap its expertise in government relations, lobbying and stakeholder engagement. Working on behalf of The Alliance, experts from Michael Best Strategies regularly monitor health care legislation and regulations that may impact self-funded employers at the national level as well as in the states of Wisconsin and Illinois. Michael Best Strategies works closely with the Health Policy Committee as well as Alliance leadership to stay in touch with members’ concerns.

Health Policy Updates

  • Employer Wellness Plan Incentives to be removed from EEOC Rules
  • The Alliance Urges CMS to Adopt Proposed Rules for Direct-to-Consumer Drug Advertising
  • CMS Proposes Decreasing Patient Safety Transparency

Read the updates

Health Reform Updates

  • NAHCP Submits Comment Letter on American Patients First Drug Pricing Blueprint
  • The Alliance Joins in Urging Senate to Avoid Taxing Employer Coverage
  • What do the latest health reform proposals mean to employers?

Read health reform updates

Want to get involved with health policy?

Members are welcome to join The Alliance Health Policy Committee. For more information, contact Cheryl DeMars, president  & CEO at 608.210.6621 or cdemars@the-alliance.org.

Learn about the committee

Healthy Policy News & Updates

medical bills
Protecting Consumers from Surprise Medical Bills: Might Congress Have the Answers?
Learn the impact of surprise medical billing from out-of-network providers, the politics of reform and what reform is happening in ...
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Employer Connections: Benefit Design Challenges and Solutions for You
Employer Connections: Benefit Design Challenges and Solutions for You
Alliance employer-members and industry professionals learned the latest about health benefit design challenges and how to address them. That was ...
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Rethink Your Assumptions about ERISA and State Legislation
You might think that proposed state laws about insurance benefits won’t impact your self-funded benefit plan due to the federal ...
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Your Voice Can Sway Legislators on Pending State Issues
As proposed legislation and regulation moves through the federal and state lawmaking process, employers can contact their legislators or participate ...
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John Barlament
$44 Million Tax Bill Shows Importance of Health Policy Compliance
A $44 million tax bill was sent to an employer who made that mistake and then turned to John Barlament, ...
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Employer Jeopardy
Employer Jeopardy! Post-Election Health Benefit Issues Examined
Staying current on state and federal policymakers’ approach to health benefits can feel like a continual pop quiz. That makes ...
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