Choose The Alliance as Your Health Care Benefit Plan Partner


The Cure for Health Care as Usual

We’re your proactive benefit plan partner.


The Alliance serves as the voice for self-funded employers who want more control over their costs and better access to high-value health care.

We provide transparent, creative approaches to network and benefit plan design to unlock savings where others can’t – or won’t – using Smarter NetworksSM and sophisticated data mining and analysis.


What is Self-Funding?

When your business self-funds, you are taking on the responsibility – as well as the risk and rewards – of paying the medical and prescription drug claims of enrollees. 

Self-Funding With The Alliance

The Alliance contracts directly with a vast network of providers using our membership to negotiate lower rates and better access to High-Value Health Care.

Smarter NetworksSM by The Alliance

We work with more than 285 employers across the Midwest and contract with over 38,000 health care providers and clinics to help employers customize their health care plans to emphasize value and create healthier, more engaged workforces.

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The Alliance is a not-for-profit, employer-owned cooperative and remains a trusted, objective partner for employers and their brokers.