Forest City Diagnostic Imaging joins QualityPath for CTs and MRIs

MADISON, Wis. (October 9, 2018) – Forest City Diagnostic Imaging, Rockford, Ill. has met the high quality standards required to offer CT and MRI scans through the QualityPath® program, effective Jan. 1, 2019.

QualityPath was developed by The Alliance, a cooperative of 240 employers with self-funded health benefit plans for employees and family members. “Hospitals and clinics that offer CTs and MRIs through QualityPath make a significant commitment to providing high-quality CTs and MRIs,” The Alliance President and CEO Cheryl DeMars said. “They deliver the kind of high-value care that will help transform the health care marketplace by focusing on value.”

Forest City Diagnostic Imaging is the state-line area’s largest independent diagnostic imaging facility providing state of the art technology since 1998. They continually strive to establish a reputation of doing “whatever it takes” to consistently deliver the highest quality of services to patients and physicians on a timely basis.

“Forest City has been relentlessly committed to providing quality imaging and exceptional patient care for 20 years. Our patients deserve it and we deliver!” said Executive Vice President, Joseph B. Wabick of Forest City Diagnostic Imaging.

The Alliance launched the QualityPath program in 2015 with doctor-and-hospital designations for knee replacements and total hip replacements. QualityPath expanded to include CT and MRI scans on Jan. 1, 2017.

QualityPath for CTs and MRIs offers these benefits:

Employers who are members of The Alliance can enroll in QualityPath, which is then offered to employees and family members enrolled in health plans that use The Alliance network.

A list of all participating doctors, hospitals and clinics is available on the QualityPath page of The Alliance website (

Alliance President and CEO Cheryl DeMars is available for interviews on request.

Craig Sauer
Marketing & Communications Specialist
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