Self-Funded Employers Can Save Millions by Guiding Employees to High-Value Care

MADISON, WI (May 22, 2023) – The Alliance performs deep data mining and uses analytics to find savings opportunities for their employer-members. The cooperative empowers employers with data-driven insights so they can make informed decisions for their health plan, their employees, and their business.

Employer-members of The Alliance can save money by creating a customized tiered provider network and encouraging their employees to utilize high-value providers within the network. 

Network Customization

Employers can manage their healthcare spend by utilizing one of The Alliance’s Premier Networks. The Premier Network Emerald and The Premier Network Ruby are the most customizable network options for employers that want to maximize their plan savings by guiding their employees to seek care from high-value providers. 

Through data mining efforts, The Alliance found employer-members utilizing UW Health System through The Premier Network Ruby in 2022 had an 11% lower total cost of care relative to other health systems in the area. The cooperative also found employer-members that added The Premier Network Ruby to their network offerings reduced the per member per month (PMPM) cost in the first year of using the network compared to employers that remained on the Comprehensive Network over the same period. 

Guiding Employees to High-value Providers

In another analysis, The Alliance found their employer-members would have saved over $2.4 million in 2022 if their employee populations received all infusion services at Smart Infusion, a high-value, independent provider in The Alliance networks, instead of their current provider.

Self-funded employers can realize significant savings by guiding their employees to seek care at independent infusion centers instead of hospital-related, outpatient settings. Smart Infusion offers infusion services at 33-52% lower cost per month than other providers. This means savings of $16,000 – $37,000 per patient per year (PPPY). When patients receive care from Smart Infusion, they save themselves, their families, and their employers money.

Contact Mike Roche or our Account Executive team to learn how The Alliance can help you reduce your healthcare spend by utilizing high-value providers through The Premier Networks.

About The Alliance

The Alliance serves as the voice for self-funded employers who want more control over their healthcare costs. Using Smarter NetworksSM and sophisticated data mining and analysis, they provide transparent, creative approaches to network and benefit plan design to unlock savings where others can’t – or won’t. The Alliance remains a trusted, objective partner for its 340+ employers and their brokers who seek improved access to high-quality healthcare by contracting with a network of 38,000 healthcare providers and doctors across the Midwest.

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